Importance of Numbers

           Numbers are a significant part of all our lives no matter our profession.  As I am accumulating the numbers required to prepare our annual tax returns it has given me time to see how my investments in real estate over the years have lead to increased financial stability.  Our home in Santa Barbara has steadily increased in value while providing significant tax deductions.  The same can be said for several rental properties that we own.  

Knowing the numbers is extremely important when purchasing and owning real estate.  Most buyers focus on the purchase price, important, but likely more important is the monthly cost to you to own.  Interest rates are still at an historic low hovering around 4%.  Today’s 4% loan will still be 4% years later when newer loans will likely carry significantly higher rates.  This makes today’s housing more affordable.

Because of my belief in the importance of sharing my knowledge, I include weekly updates on interest rates and sales on my website under the real estate information tab.  I have also included access to the MLS listings and some cool community info as well.  Check it out, and feel free to share with friends and associates. I’d love to know your thoughts.

I hope that your numbers are positive and that come April 15th the damage won’t be too bad.  If you want to discuss numbers like the value of your home or the purchase of another, or just the market in general, I’m always here for you.