Grateful Clients


I was honored to received the Howard Gates Award in 2009
for the most difficult completed transaction in 2009.

Joanne, you are an absolute marvel. I’m so glad Greg demanded we find a new agent. You have been wonderful to work with, and you have kept me calm so many times when I wanted to freak out during this very stressful process! Thank for all your help.
— - Amber and Greg
Your commitment to excellence brought you well deserved recognition from the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. You are an inspiration for all of us. You EARNED it big time.
— J.Egenolf – President Amherst Exchange
Each morning and evening we think about how lucky we are. And then, we think again. Because it had very little to do with luck. We may well have stumbled by complete serendipity upon our utter dream house; but we know full well that our being here has everything to do with you.
From our very first [creative and aggressive] offer, your optimism and commitment to this sale was a bedrock of support, at the same time that your enthusiasm was contagious. You patiently stood by us during all those considerable contretemps [big bumps in the road]… guided us through the mountain of paperwork, were always available and ready to spring into action when it looked like we might need a Plan B. We are well aware that you often did the jobs of several people.
We will always be grateful to you for our happiness here. And we will take great pride and pleasure in telling all our friends and colleagues that we had the perfect real estate agent: a kind, competent, extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, ethical professional and true friend. In a town with so many of them, you’re truly a credit to the real estate profession. We are proud to know you and to recommend you.
After a very short meeting I knew that I would be working with Joanne even without the reference I had received.My initial visit confirmed my assumptions; Joanne very efficiently took on the sale of my property.
She was consistently friendly and easy to work with, outgoing and extremely professional. Joanne demonstrated her level of integrity through her equitable, honest and ethical manner;
this was very transparent in all of her work. In addition, she went the extra mile, helping me to deal with issues that were truly not hers to manage. This is an experience I have never shared with other realtors I have dealt with in my past. I would be happy to recommend Joanne Schoenfeld and should I ever require realtor services in Santa Barbara, she will be my first contact.
— D. Thirkell
I have bought and sold several homes in various parts of the world, but have not previously had the opportunity to be served by such a professional, caring and personal agent as Joanne. She is deeply knowledgeable and reasonable and available to respond to my questions and concerns.
— C.D. Ray, MD
I want to tell you how much Kathleen and I think of you, not only as our “Super Woman Real Estate Agent”, but as the caring person that you are. We feel very fortunate that we have gotten to know you over the last couple of months. Your attention to detail and communication skills are impeccable. Thank you for being you.
— J.K. Thuner
Our property was fairly unique…the layout, decorating and some of the not-so-homelike amenities contributed to the need to find just the right buyer. Your frequent open houses and your creativity worked their magic. I especially appreciated all the additional work you had to do because of a burst pipe and flooding while we were is escrow.
— C. Burton – Work Training Programs, Inc.
Thank you for recommending Joanne as our contact in Santa Barbara. You could not have found a nicer, warmer and more delightful person to work with. She is a dream come true. She worked with Suzy and me with such patience until we found the ideal place.
— J Oram, MD
We had the perfect real estate agent: a kind, competent, extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, ethical professional and true friend. In a town with so many of them, you’re truly a credit to the real estate profession.
— J Enders and E D’Hoker
Joanne worked hard to find the right property for me in a very difficult market. When I finally managed to get a signed contract Joanne was able to handle all the various negotiations and inspections while I was unavailable. All of this would be expected from any top rate agent, however, I was most impressed with her efforts after the sale. In the past I have had agents take their money and wish me good luck on any of the post sale problems. Joanne went out of the way to negotiate and arrange for repairs on various damages occurring after the inspections. I could not have hoped for a better experience and would highly recommend Joanne in the future.
— D. Thoman, MD
You are truly a remarkable person. Thank you so much for helping us find our dream house. We appreciate all that you have done for us.
— L. Gates and G. Russell