Home Sales Simplified (Believe me it is not that simple!)

  • When we meet, you can show me through the house and point out features that you especially like.  It is also important that you share with me your desired time frame and if there are some substantial concerns about the property that might not be evident.
  • Based upon that information, I will return with a suggested list price and some tips for getting the house ready for showing.
  •  I will place the property information into the Multiple Listing Service so that all of the 1100 plus local agents are aware of the listing.

o   I will send announcements out to agents making them continually aware of the property through the MLS and a Realtor intranet chat room to which I subscribe.

o   I will post information on realtor.com, Zillow.com, trulia.com and feature it on SantaBarbaraLiving.com.

o   We will schedule broker and if you want public open houses.

o   I will design specialized marketing efforts most appropriate for your property and I will continue to market it during the time on market.

  • When we have an offer, I will review it with you and if necessary assist you in fine tuning the terms.
  • Once there is agreement, we will open escrow. The escrow officer is the neutral facilitator and she will hold each side accountable for what they have promised.  She establishes the time lines for everyone to follow. The escrow/title company will cash and hold the deposit.
  • You will provide a number of disclosures to the buyer which I will help you prepare.  The buyer will do their own inspections and may ask to have you fix a problem or reduce the price.  
  • I will be in continual contact with the buyer’s agent, the lender and the escrow officer.  When we get near the close of escrow, the escrow officer will have you sign the grant deed.  She will find out what loans or liens are against the property and arrange for them to be paid out of escrow. 
  • Your money will be available the day of close.  I can drop it off, have it wired or you can pick it up from escrow.  All’s well and ends well.