What to expect when you buy -
Short version


  • Contact a lender (I can recommend several) and have a discussion about a loan and what price home you can afford. (You may be surprised with today’s low interest rates; you can get an attractive mortgage.)
  • We should discuss the most important things that you want in your home. Everyone has different wants and needs and that list may change for you as we are looking.
  • Once we locate a property we will prepare an offer to purchase. There are many variables to consider.
  • It is probable that there will be a counter offer(s) from the seller.  We will continue to negotiate until there is an agreement on all the terms.
  • Once there is agreement, we will open escrow. The escrow officer is the neutral facilitator and she will hold each side accountable for what they have promised.  She establishes the time lines for everyone to follow. The escrow/title company will cash your deposit which becomes a part of your down payment .
  • The seller will provide you with a number of disclosures.  You will have time to review them and do your own inspections.  If you find a major problem, we can ask the seller to fix the problem, discount the price or you can cancel the escrow if you are within your inspection time frame.
  • I will be in continual contact with the seller’s agent, your lender and the escrow officer.  When we get near the close of escrow, the escrow officer will have you sign your loan documents and tell you when and how much money you need to send to escrow as the remainder of your down payment.
  • All monies from you and the lender need to be in escrow the morning of the day we close.  That day I get to hand you the keys to your NEW HOME.