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Things aren’t so bad

News – Printable and otherwise

It is now possible to access news 24/7.  We can get caught up in the crisis of the moment which is usually negative and forget that there are good things happening as well.  I just finished reading “Factfullness” by Hans Rosling , MD the founder of Doctors without Borders.  In it he maintains “things are better than you think”.  He provides statistics that prove that things like poverty, health care, and literacy are improving worldwide.  It is a fascinating read and comes highly recommended by Bill Gates and me.  (Call if you would like to borrow it or see below)

Would you like a little more good news…?

·         You can download thousands of books on your Kindle or other devices from the Santa Barbara Library for free.

·         Santa Barbara City College Foundation has the Promise Program that offers free tuition, books and supplies to full time students who are graduates of local high schools.

·         The Santa Barbara Women’s Fund has raised and donated $535,000 this year alone for such big ticket items as a women’s bathroom at the Rescue Mission, a new roof on the Carpinteria Boys and Girls Club, and a refrigerated truck for the Foodbank, a total of $6.6 million since 2004. 

·         There are countless members of our community that volunteer in countless ways for example:

o    My husband is helping a Spanish “learner” with her English through the library.

o   We are conducting mock job interviews for high school students to prepare them for the real thing.

o   I get to be Mother Goose with Stuart as my faithful scarecrow at the Boo at the Zoo. 

o   The local Search and Rescue Foundation is composed of volunteers that drop what they are doing to search for the  lost, injured or missing.  The do this not only during the debris flow but year around

§  The list goes on and on


·         Lastly, good news – I’m still passionately dedicated to representing buyers and sellers in the Santa Barbara real estate market and I do so with a depth of experience and commitment.