I got to thinking about lists when my daughter sent a list of the “20 most unfriendly places in the world.”  It listed Newark, New Jersey as the #1.  My son who currently is working in Newark and has traveled abroad extensively took exception to that rating feeling that Newark should have at least been second behind Islamabad.

I went on the internet to check on other lists – safest (Tokyo), most dangerous (Kaula Lumpar, Malaysia), and friendliest (Charleston, South Carolina).  I’m often the recipient of “best of” lists that feature Santa Barbara at the top.  How can anyone not notice our marvelous cultural activities, weather, walk-ability, beauty, friendliness etc., “World Class” in my opinion and those that I have met in my profession.

There seems to be lists for everything.  Pilots always run through their check list before take-off.  Most of us have a “to do” list to help us mange our day and I have check lists for my listing and sales to make certain that I don’t forget a vital part of the process.

I have accumulated lists of credentials: Broker (able to manage my own company), Certified Residential Specialist (more education & number of sales), Graduate Real Estate Institute (more education), Luxury Real Estate Specialist, Senior Real Estate Specialist, and almost forgot a B.A. Degree in Education and Social Science.

Lists are just an accumulation of words, some silly and others important.  The most significant thing is how that information affects you.  Choosing a place to live? That might not be Newark.  Choosing real estate broker? I have a  long list of credentials and satisfied clients and specialize in selling in a beautiful area populated with friendly people, diverse cultural activities and a benign climate.

Please put me on your list when you need real estate advice.