Holiday Focus

As we finally transition into fall there are two holidays to celebrate – Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Halloween is ‘pretend’ scary.  I love to answer the door to goblins and witches as well as pumpkins and princesses.  I’ll never forget my daughter as a sunflower and my son as that pumpkin.  Those were the precious days. This year my grandsons will be ghoul (11), hazmat zombie (9), fireman (5) and Mickey Mouse (2).
For the real life scary things I think back about an event last January in Maplewood, New Jersey.  One evening my son noticed the sound of sirens approaching his home.  He looked out the window and realized that the vacant house next door was completely engulfed in flames.  They quickly grabbed the kids, documents, and photos and fled to the neighbors.  Fortunately, their house did not catch on fire and they were able to return the next morning.  The hulk of a house still sits there a genuine “haunted house”.  My son plans to “decorate” it for the holidays.
My thoughts shift to Thanksgiving.  We are surrounded by a network of people that help in ways seen and unseen.  The police and fire departments provide us with protection.  The Department of Public Health that has been actively preparing to protect our community from various communicable diseases and other health risks. We are supported in many ways by our friends, spiritual communities, and strangers just being good neighbors.   I am so very grateful for these people.
I hope that you will use me as a part of your support network whether it be directly buying or selling, just  establishing the value of your property or a referral to a professional for help.  You can also find some of that  information on my website which contains a ton of community and real estate information.  Check it out!
I am thankful for you in my life and wish you a wonderful “pretend scary’ Halloween and a Thanksgiving full of blessings!