I Celebrate Two Big Anniversaries

Stuart and I have been married for ten years and I have been a realtor for twenty five.  Both have been exceptional choices and have enriched my life. 

Twenty five years ago I was evaluating my skills and deciding what to do after divorce happened and I was no longer involved in the family business, Santa Barbara Paint Factory.  I thought that I might try real estate since I liked interacting with people and had both financial and community knowledge.  Time proved that it was a good fit.  I started with Sunset Realtors where I was named the Rookie of the Year to the present where I have my own company – Santa Barbara Living-Real Estate Brokerage.  I have worked with rock bands, an astronaut, movie people but mostly buyers and sellers who became very good friends. 

About 16 years ago I met my husband Stuart at a weekend get-together in Big Bear.  Stuart was a    practicing psychiatrist in Los Angeles.  We realized the affinity immediately and embarked on a freeway romance with him coming to Santa Barbara most weekends until he retired and moved north.  He loves living here and has become involved in the theater and City College community.  We married ten years ago so that he “could be a grandfather” as he had no grandkids himself.  It is so gratifying that he has embraced my family and they him.  They helped in our celebration on a cruise to Alaska last month.  We walked on a glacier, watched for whales and ate too much.  

The business has changed significantly over the past twenty five years but the basics remain.  Focus on what is best for your client, deliver outstanding service and provide hard won expertise. 

I am asked, “Do you plan on retiring?”  Absolutely not!  I truly love what I do and will continue to do so for years to come.   You can help me celebrate my real estate career by referring friends who might need my experienced real estate assistance.