Smart Devices for Energy Savings

It's smart to save energy and money.   Here are some technical advances that will help. 

  • Smart ThermostatsWhat’s better than a thermostat that can learn your habits and tell when you’re away? A thermostat that also shares its knowledge with you, so you can make further changes to your habits — saving you even more money. This smart technology has been proven to save consumers an estimated $131–$145 each year.
  • Smart Sensors: The second highest category of energy use in the home is lighting, and, according to the International Dark-Sky Association, about one-third of that usage may be unnecessary. The solution? Occupancy sensors. With the improved use of optics, these sensors can tell when a space is unoccupied and ensure all the lights are turned off.
  • Smart Power Strips: Like the lighting occupancy sensors, smart power strips are equipped with the ability to detect if you’ve left a room and turn off all those “energy vampire” devices, such as the cable box and video game consoles. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that these smart strips can save you $200 a year.
  • Smart Water Systems: Smart shower heads and touchless faucets certainly help to cut down on water expenses. But have you thought about your outdoor usage, too? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly one-third of your water consumption is outdoors, and about 50 percent of it is wasted. Cut down on all that wasted water with a smart irrigation system.