Turning the Pages

I assume that most of you have received your refrigerator calendar in December.  As I have been turning the pages on mine, I am reminded how many events have occurred during that short time. Obviously the most dramatic and devastating have been the Thomas fire (the largest ever in the State of California) and the subsequent, massive debris flow which not only swept away homes but took 24 lives. 

There has been a pall both literally and figuratively over our community from the beginning of the fire to the present.  Everyone was affected whether it was the catastrophic loss of lives or property, the difficulty of getting to work or lack of work.  What I noticed was the bonding that was labeled 805strong.  We care about each other, we support each other and the community will rebuild.  Santa Barbara is still a special, wonderful place to live.  And it will remain so.

PS -  I have a few extra calendars if you would like another for yourself or a friend.